Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bridal Registry 102---The Everyday Dishes

Get at least 12 settings!
This is something you will be using everyday and for casual dinner parties and buffets.
 Going WHITE is not a bad idea----  It can be mixed with virtually anything.  A floral mug, bowl, glass dishes, wooden salad bowls. the possibilities are endless.  If this is too plain for you, a nice neutral pottery feel is also very versatile.  If this is also too plain--select a color that works well long term--please NOT black! Traditional colors such as blues, greens will work. The whimsical "Fiestaware" or the more traditional "Blue Willow" patterns are longtime favorites ---Then you can add simple accessory items.
1.  A set of glass dishes goes a long way--they can be used for salad, desserts, glass bowls are great for ice cream and cereal.  The price point on glass is also very  favorable.
2. If you are big salad people--invest in some wooden salad bowls which add texture to the table settings and offer hefty salad portions.  Remember wood NEVER goes in the dishwasher.  It should be hand washed and dried immediately.
3. Oriental Shops have great Blue and White dishes and bowls that are inexpensive and can be added where needed.
4. If you are buying table settings try to get MUGS instead of cups and saucers.  UNLESS you are the "Proper Tea" person--- you will rarely use the cup and saucer. 
Not EVERYTHING has to be matched--a little mix up adds interest and makes for a GREAT table!

Crate and Barrel
Sur Le Table
William Sonoma
Pottery Barn

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bento Box # 9

Bento Box #9 is Transitional Combination,which will work with any style in any room!

Top: Travers "Helix" Graphite Blue ---This is a Cotton/Linen great for Window Treatments or Decorative Pillows
Center: Gaston Y Daniela "Uzbek" Blue/Gray--Heavy Duty Cotton great for Upholstery--would be perfect on 2 Club Chairs for a statement. Could also be  a dramatic Drapery or Decorative Pillows.
Bottom Left: Fabricut "Curio" Blue ---Heavy Duty great for Upholstery--any kind
Bottom Right: Pollack "High Jinks" Heron Heavy Duty Also great for all Upholstery

Wall Colors: Benjamin Moore HC-168 "Chelsea Gray" with Benjamin Moore OC-18" Dove Wing "Trim for the" Bold and Daring".
                      Benjamin Moore 715 "In Your Eyes" with Benjamin Moore OC-17 "White Dove" Trim for the "Serene Senses".


Monday, October 10, 2011


Bento Box #8 Starts with a great wallpaper. In the background is Tyler Hall's "Bloomsbury" Earthtone
Trim this paper out with Benjamin Moore HC-167 "Amherst Gray" or if you are not the bold type trim it our with Benjamin Moore 925 "Ivory White"
Fabrics Are:
Top Center: Villa Romo "Sasso Stripe" PineCone Heavy Duty Chenille perfect for all Upholstery
Top Right: Calvin Fabrics "Mirage Sheer" Ivory For the Windows
Middle Center: Fabricut "Meridian" Charcoal  Heavy Duty suitable for all Upholstery and Tailored Window Treatments.
Bottom Center: Fabricut " Infinite" Cream Heavy Duty suitable for all Upholstery and Window Treatments
Bottom Right: Fabricut "Ferrous" Black Textured Pleather Great for chair seats and banquettes in a Kitchen

I envision this Bento Box in a Kitchen with off white (not super white and not beige) cabinets, stainless accents, honed or brushed Absolut Granite  and a wood floor or natural gray slate floor. This kitchen opens into a Family room with layered stone frieplace and cozy chenille furniture.