Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Perfect Pantry

A perfect way to stay organized, have everything in one place AND save $$$ on a kitchen design is to ELIMINATE  some of the costly upper kitchen cabinets and replace them with a Dish Pantry and Food Pantry.  In a nutshell, these are just walk in closets with shelving.  The shelving doesn't have to be fancy cabinetry so the $$$ savings is tremendous.  What is important in the Dish Pantry is MEASURING.  You must be accurate to accommodate china sets,platters(without too much stacking) and large bowls you may have.
The Dish Pantry should be customized to each individuals needs.  With just a little planning and measuring it can hold all the dishes used everyday AND  special occasions.  It can also eliminate the costly Side Board or China Cabinet many purchase in their Dining Rooms.

Food Pantry's are also Walk In Closets.  Instead of an expensive kitchen cabinet food pantry (that are never big enough to hold all of your non perishables) you can get it all in another Walk In Closet!  The requirement here is NOT to make the shelves too deep.  You shouldn't have to be digging around  for items you can't see.  Each shelf  can be designated with a category such as: beverages, condiments,cereals, baking products,soups,pastas etc.  This is also customized to each family's specific needs. An organized food pantry also makes the grocery list a breeze!

See what your kitchen could look like WITHOUT all those costly upper cabinets!