Sunday, July 3, 2011


Let's start here with the Bridal Registry.This a golden opportunity to set up your kitchen, dinnerware, tableware, bar and home products for your future. Think long term here! Forget about the trendy styles. The word is CLASSIC. In 10 years, you will be saying "What was I thinking?"
I have seen this so many times with my clients in their 30's. They remodel a kitchen, redecorate a dining room and realize their Bridal gifts are very outdated.
If you want trendy, use the current popular colorways in you flower arrangements, table linens, napkin rings, cocktail napkins.


1. Highly Decorated China Patterns? These lock you in to a color scheme and can make your meals unappetizing.
2.Uncomfortable Flatware? Hold each piece of the flatware setting, make sure it feels comfortable--not too heavy or flimsy...I prefer the dinner size. The fork is bigger than the place size.
3. Do you really need that entire place setting? Are you going to use all those cups,saucers,dessert plates? If you don't throw regular formal dinner parties, I would register for 12 dinner and salad plates and 8 cups/saucers. This will better your odds of completing this request because its more price friendly. You can add cut glass salad, dessert plates and bowls to accompany your china.
4.Are you Inheriting Grandma's Silver? Lucky you. You should now concentrate on a high quality stainless set of 12 for everyday use. Make sure you have 12 settings, if not add to Grandma's . If the pattern is discontinued get one that co-ordinates. It's fun to mix it up.
5.Stemware? Stay away from colored crystal and if you are a wine connoisseur you will need a white and red wine glass. You should register for the 12. If you can't have both I would do the white which is a smaller glass. Champagne glasses aren't used that much. If you feel you need them and have the storage space get them, but they aren't a necessity.
6.Water Glasses? There are water goblets and water glasses. I prefer a cut crystal water glass. It is more stable and can be a part of your bar ware collection. 12 is the number.
7. Serving Pieces? These are very important. You will need platter and, bowls. These can match your China pattern or can be white ceramic or glass.You also need,large spoons, forks and pie/cake server. These can match you silver or stainless pattern.
8.Candlesticks? Absolutely! Silver or Crystal ---your choice
9. Silver Napkin Rings? Don't need them. You can add some trendy napkins rings.
10.Salt and Pepper Shakers? Get 4 small glass/cut crystal sets. It's nice to have them scattered around table.
12. Accessories? Glass Pitchers, trays, cake plate, salad bowl and servers, 2 or 3 tier pastry tray,large and small vases are musts.

Some of my favorite places for registry would be Michael C Fina, Bloomingdales , Macy's

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