Monday, August 8, 2011

Bento Box#4

Bento Box #4
Back Left:: Schumacher Grasscloth 5000730-- for the walls.Grass cloth gives the walls a natural effect to the walls, reflects light beautifully and can bridge the gap between Modern and Traditional styles.
Bottom Left:Beacon Hill "Cervantes Clay" --Linen Poly Embroidery. This makes  wonderful window treatments.
Bottom Center: Beacon Hill "Camaraderie Clay"-- I would suggest this for upholstered chairs , benches or accent pillows.
Bottom Right:Beacon Hill "SkyStone  Teak"-- Another stunning fabric for your upholstered chairs, benches or accent pillows.
Back Right:Fabricut "ZenithPutty" This is a heavy Duty Chenille that works well on large upholstered pieces such as sofas & club chairs
This collection can be used in Family,Living,Dining Rooms and Dens
Paint colors if you opt out of the grass cloth:
Sherwin Williams:
Trim , Ceiling: "Whitetail"
Walls: "Cardboard" or "Craft Paper"

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This is a fantastic color combo I am going to try to find these