Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bridal Registery 104 Everyday Glassware

Everyday Glassware

Everyday glassware should be :
1. Sturdy!  Sturdy! Sturdy! Don't go for the thin glass unless you plan to replace often.  When purchasing ,feel the weight of the glass in your hand and also make certain the rim has some thickness to it OR you will be replacing them alot.
2. How Many?  Select 12 tall iced beverage glasses.  8 short glasses that can double up for juice. At least 12 sturdy stemmed glasses that can serve as a water goblet or an everyday wine glass.

This is an area to get creative.  For instance you can do Canning Jars without or with handles (shown above) or the imported Mexican glassware (shown above).  Beer mugs can also be great for iced beverages. You can mix and match designs.  Have fun with this item since there are many styles to choose from. 


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