Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bridal Registery 103: Stainless Flatware

Stainless Flatware
When purchasing everyday flatware I suggest 12 place settings. This covers everything from small buffet dinners to dinner for 2.  The question here is What to select??
There are a few pointers to follow:
1. Look for something with an 18/8 or 18/10 number.  WHAT IS THAT???
This is the number that refers to the percentage content of chromium/nickel. This is what  makes up the stainless steel alloy.  The higher the back number(nickel content) the higher the sheen. 0 means no nickel therefore, it looks dull and cheap.  The 18 is the chromium which keeps the flatware from rusting. 
2. Knife Construction is the next step. 
a. Is the knife made of one single piece of stainless stamped by a machine?
b. Is the knife constructed in the "drop forge" method where molten steel is poured in a mould?This gives the knife a better blade.
c. Is the knife constructed of a "hollow handle" with a higher quality blade inserted? This obviously makes the best of the 3.
3. Look at the final finish on the flatware.  In the stamped versions, the fork tines and edges of spoons are usually sharp and square. In the hand forged and hollow knife versions, more time is spent on the edges so they usually have rounded edges and smooth fork tines
4. Look at the design and weight.  The utensils should feel balanced and comfortable in your hand.
5.If future availability is important to you, stay away from boxed sets.  They are usually around for a few years and then the style is changed.
6. Price point--with the above information find the flatware that best fits your budget!

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