Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rob's River House Part 2 "The Master Bedroom Renovation"--The Demolition

Prepping Bedroom
Demolition Begins!
 WEEK 1 and 2
Bathroom Gut
We have removed all the  bedroom furniture and have begun the  bathroom demolition, which is the first step. We need to make certain we can even out the 2 floor levels by moving/removing old pipes. Waiting for the plumbers verdict.

His verdict is in and the pipes can be moved --the floors will be even!

We are also applying new insulation,removing  the existing window from new shower area and putting in a bigger skylight. The bath tub will be removed and a built-in shower bench will replace it. Everything in this room has to be gutted out.  We are putting in new heat, a heated floor, new plumbing and a new transom window.  In an old house you never know what is in the walls and this one had some bad wiring and plumbing.

 Rob doesn't know it yet, but he is going to love his new bathroom!!!

The bathroom Color Scheme is Gender Neutral--  white,gray,beige and crushed cream glass.
Shower Floor:  Mosaic
Shower Walls: 8x24 Ceramic beige brick applied vertically  with  a single row of  Mosaic every third row.
Bathroom Floor: 8x24 Ceramic brick staggered, bordered on short sides with a single row of Mosaic.
Cabinet Sink Mirrors: 4 rows of Mosaic trimmed in a decorative Pewter bead.
Cabinetry:  White
Plumbing Fixtures:  White Porcelain and Polished Chrome

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